Miksi is a rich and creamy milk that tastes great, and contains no cholesterol.

Miksi filled milk powder dissolves quickly and easily in hot or cold water. It's ideal for tea and coffee, delicious in breakfast cereals or as a healthy drink on its own.

Miksi has a marginally higher fat content, which adds to its rich and creamy taste. You can use Miksi powdered milk in cereals, tea and coffee, for making ice-cream or yoghurt or even as a delicious and refreshing drink on its own.

Made from fresh milk and vegetable fat, this healthy filled-milk powder is enriched with vitamins A and D and contains all the calcium and minerals needed to keep you and your family healthy. Simply mix Miksi with hot or cold water. Miksi is available in a range of convenient sizes to suit all pockets.

Miksiā€™s unique formulation allows a 24-month shelf life and extended freshness without refrigeration.