Miksi Milk Powder

Miksi filled-milk powder has a creamy taste, great in tea and coffee, breakfast cereals or a drink on its own.

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Miksi Milk Powder

Enriched with nourishing vitamins, Miksi boasts a rich and creamy taste.

Containing essential protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals necessary to keep you and your family healthy, our Miksi filled milk powder has also been enriched with vitamins A for good eyesight development, and calcium and vitamin D to ensure strong bones and teeth. Miksi has a marginally higher fat content which gives it a creamier taste, and it contains no cholesterol because it is made from fresh cow’s milk and vegetable fat.

Miksi is available in a range of convenient pack sizes to suit all pockets. Requiring no refrigeration, Miksi milk powder stays fresher for longer.

  • Product Features
    • Miksi is made from fresh skimmed milk and vegetable fat, which contains no cholesterol.
    • Enriched with vitamins A & D.
    • Dissolves instantly in hot or cold water.
    • Low and affordable price to suit any pocket.
  • Consumer Benefits
    • Ideal for porridge, in cereals, to be used during cooking or as a delicious drink on its own.
    • No refrigeration required.
    • Tastes just like fresh milk once reconstituted with clean water.
    • Contains essential proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals that are good for the whole family.
  • Packaging
    • Available in a range of convenient packaging sizes to suit all needs.
    • Packaged in laminate foil packaging to ensure it stays fresher for longer.